In the beginning, the idea was to provide students with information about computers and take action by opening their minds to the possibilities of technology. Because the demand for computing knowledge was great, it quickly became clear that the association needed to establish itself as a not for profit organization.
Yam Pukri is a modest collaboration with a number of partners from across the globe. Included among these partners is Professor Pierre MOOR from the University of Lausanne (...)


Yam Pukri, stemming from the local Moore language, refers to the emergence of intelligence from an unconscious place… as if it is something that was asleep but has now been awakened.
Therefore, the philosophy of Yam Pukri can be expressed with the following words:
“Open your mind, take what is rightfully yours and participate in the progress of the world”
New information technology, in particular computer processing and the Internet, are regarded as a luxury for Africans.
It was in view of (...)


Yam Pukri has these following objectives:
To stimulate the appreciation of, and skill development in, computer processing and new information technologies among young Africans
To make new communication technologies available to underprivileged youth by setting up community access points and preparing them for the job market
To support local associations and NGOs while they conceptualize and actualize NTIC for development
To carry out information technology training sessions in rural (...)


The Sulga Concept
After accumulating a significant amount of experience as a self-financing, profitable business, Yam Pukri is now in the position to sell its operational framework to associations that are unable to function under traditional commercial parameters. Hence, the Sulga Concept is a business model that provides the basis of Yam Pukri’s entrepreneurial component.
Through sale of the Sulga Concept, Yam Pukri can generate funds. A part of the profits are reinvested into community (...)


A Strategy Based On Offer, Not Demand : Relationships with the Partners
Within the framework of its research tasks and the execution of certain programs, Yam Pukri maintains relationships with several types of partners. If the partner is interested in what is available, but wants to modify the activities, Yam Pukri is open to negotiation.
That being said, Yam Pukri does not need to rely on external funding alone. It is capable of self-financing by offering basic activities and selling (...)