The activities

The activities

- Studies and Study Guides
- Database Development and Multi Media Production
- IT Support and Maintenance
- Other Services
- Internship Positions

Our Training Modules

Studies and Study Guides

- Database Development and Multi Media Production
- IT Support and Maintenance
- Other Services
- Internship Positions
- Our Training Modules
- Studies and Study Guides

Within the framework of our activities, the Yam Pukri group proposes the following options to support your learning goals:

- Studies on new technologies
- Socio-economic studies
- Manuals and study guides
- Digital editions (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM)
- Feasibility analyses, project evaluation and marketing
- Database Development and Multi Media Production

Yam Pukri can execute the following:

- The development of static and dynamic databases
- The development of static and dynamic web sites
- Video and film production
- Multi media trainings on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
- Feasibility analyses, project evaluation and marketing
- IT Support and Maintenance

Yam Pukri has a team of highly qualified, experienced computer scientists and engineers who are available to support your needs. They can perform maintenance on your computer and its peripherals, suggest appropriate hardware and software and install updates. Our IT Department is also mindful of security systems and virus protection. They will work to ensure you are protected from potentially damaging threats

Too often organizations forget about the importance of computer security systems. Loss of key data, viral attacks and external hacking are just a few examples of the consequences of this neglect. Yam Pukri believes that the best solution is prevention.

Other Services

- Rental of computer lab,
- conference rooms
- LCD projectors,
- computers
- utility vehicle
- minibus…

A variety of TIC services are on offer. Regardless of the size of your organization, Yam Pukri places at your disposal a team of experts to assesses your needs and give you precise, practical advice on which TIC applications are the best fit (web site development, database creation, networking, computer security systems, telecommunication, etc.). Furthermore, the team is qualified to see the projects through from creation to completion and implementation.

Internship Positions

Every year, Yam Pukri hosts students from across Burkina Faso and around the world. They come to work within their information technology or social science frameworks. Many Burkinabé students have started their careers at Yam Pukri. Here they have the opportunity to develop their practical skills in an exemplary and dynamic environment.

Training Modules


Basic computer training (Office applications, Internet) 20h
Training in Office applications (Windows, Word, Excel, Internet) 40h
Training in word processing (Word) 20h
Training in spreadsheets (Excel) 20h
Training in keyboarding (speed typing) 20h
Training in Open Office (word processing, spreadsheet navigation) 20h


Training on the Internet and electronic mail 20h
Creation, management of lists and forums 20h
HTML web pages 20h
Dynamic web pages 30h
Introduction to design software 40h
Multi media techniques (cd burning, scanners, digital cameras) 30h
Multi media techniques (use of the digital video camera) 20h


Training in SPSS 30h
Training in Access 25h
Introduction to EPI INFO 20h
Introduction to Hot Banana software 25h


Introduction to MS DOS 25h
Introduction to LINUX 25h
Database programming languages 150h


Introduction to new technologies and the implications 10h
Software 10h
Hardware 10h
Computer system security 10h
Creation of micro projects in development 25h
Proper techniques for the job hunt 10h
Market studies 20h


Multi media internship 3-6 months
IT support and maintenance internship 3-6 months
Database and statistical analysis internship 3-6 months