Association Yam-pukri

In the beginning, the idea was to provide students with information about computers and take action by opening their minds to the possibilities of technology. Because the demand for computing knowledge was great, it quickly became clear that the association needed to establish itself as a not for profit organization.

Yam Pukri is a modest collaboration with a number of partners from across the globe. Included among these partners is Professor Pierre MOOR from the University of Lausanne who, through the donation of second hand computers, has contributed much to the launching of our activities. A very big thank you goes to Professor Moor for the gesture of support.

Currently working with multiple organizations, Yam Pukri has signed conventions of collaboration with:
Terre Des Hommes (Switzerland), an initiative that involves the training young people in data processing and the creation of online youth forums that address the issues of child rights and child labour, as well as problems surrounding immigration, intolerance and water.
l’Institut International pour la Communication et le Développement (The Netherlands) , a partnership that resulted in the launch of Burkina NTIC. ,a network that focuses on the exchange and sharing of information on NTIC. The Computer Book and Djembé projects were carried out within this framework.
Coopération Solidarité Développement aux PTT (France), a collaboration that works to provide teacher training as well as the installation of telephones in rural areas.

Development Gateway Association (International) this accord, signed in August 2007, has resulted in the realization of the web based portal

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