Association Yam-pukri

A Strategy Based On Offer, Not Demand : Relationships with the Partners

Within the framework of its research tasks and the execution of certain programs, Yam Pukri maintains relationships with several types of partners. If the partner is interested in what is available, but wants to modify the activities, Yam Pukri is open to negotiation.

That being said, Yam Pukri does not need to rely on external funding alone. It is capable of self-financing by offering basic activities and selling specialized services.

More specifically, the strategy is to offer a number of small scale activities.

Some examples of these undertakings include, but are not limited to, the creation and hosting of an ICT museum, web site development for associations and NGOs, the retailing of locally made products (hand crafted bronze statuettes that feature people working with computers, batik art, creams and soaps made from shea butter, etc.), as well as the development of media relations to publicize various activities.

If a partner is interested in one of the initiatives (ie. website development), and would prefer something that is tailored to their specific needs, Yam Pukri is uniquely positioned provide the expertise that is necessary to develop and facilitate a new project.
This strategy functions best when the partner is results focused and not particularly choosey about the steps taken to achieve them. The majority of the partners that approach Yam Pukri have had little or no exposure to the new fields they would like to explore.

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