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A system is said to be "reliable" when the probability of fulfilling its mission over a given period of time corresponds to that specified in the specifications.


According to the scientific discipline, competence is not defined in the same way, does not relate to the same concepts, and does not involve the same issues.


In common parlance, quality tends to refer to that which makes something above average. Quality is also a discipline in its own right.

Closing of Corporate vacations session 2020.

As usual, it has been 11 years since the Yam-pukri association has organized a holiday camp for young people aged 12 to 18. referred to as Corporate Vacations. This great initiative aims to help children discover the computer tool and introduce them to the idea of ​​business creation. During 3 weeks, the children learned several things such as computer programming, computer security, office automation, the creation of a business plan, creation of a documentary or fiction video, personal development and meeting with entrepreneurs. of the place. This year, the young people played and (...)

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